Megan Oakleaf, MLS, PhD

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Principal Investigator

"Rubric Assessment of Information Literacy (RAILS)"  More about RAILS!
IMLS, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program (Early Career Research), 2010

"Assessment of Information Literacy Skills"
NCSU Committee on Undergraduate Program Review
, 2005

Co-Principal Investigator

"Building an eScience Librarianship Curriculum for an eResearch Future"
with  Jian Qin, Principal Investigator
IMLS, Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program (Building Institutional Capacity), 2009

"CI-Facilitators: Information Architects across the STEM Disciplines"
with Jeff Stanton, Principal Investigator
National Science Foundation, 2008

CI-Facilitators Team


"Educating the New Generation of E-Scientists through Developing a Data Information Literacy Curriculum"
Advisory Committee
with Jake Carlson, Principal Investigator
IMLS, National Leadership Grant (Demonstration), 2011

"Building Capacity for Demonstrating the Value of Academic Libraries"
Summit Designer & Facilitator
with ACRL, APLU, CIC, and AIR
IMLS, National Leadership Grant (Cooperative Planning), 2011



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